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12 구윤모, “Controlled Release and Concentration of Intracellular Enzyme by Phage Lysogen and EBA System”, Plenary Lecture, YABEC'96, Kyoto, Sep. 15, 1996.
11 Yoon-Mo Koo, "Increased Production of β-Cyclodextrin using an Aqueous Two-Phase System", Poster, 10th Int. Biotech. Symp., Sydney, Aug. 27, 1996.
10 Yoon-Mo Koo, "β-Cyclodextrin Production using Aqueous Two-phase System", the Wuxi-Inha Biotechnology Symposium, Wuxi, China, Apr. 15, 1996.
9 Yoon-Mo Koo and Doohyun Ryu, "Fractal Geometry and its Application to Morphological Study of Filamentous Fungi", YABEC'95 Symposium, Proceedings, OP8, Seoul, Korea, June 23, 24, 1995.
8 Yoon Hee Moon and Yoon-Mo Koo, "Controlled Lysis of Lipase Producing Recombinant E. coli", 7th ECB, Vol. 3, 37, Nice, Feb. 20-23, 1995.
7 Woo-Jin Chang and Yoon-Mo Koo, "Protein Separation Using Centrifugal Membrane Chromatography", Recovery of Biological Products VII, San Diego, September 25-30, 1994.
6 Soon-Suk Park and Yoon-Mo Koo, “Controlled Lysis of E. coli Double-Lysogen by UV-Irradiation”, Better Living Through Innovative Biochemical Engineering, 62-64, APBioChEC'94, Singapore, 1994. 6.13-15.
5 Yoon-Mo Koo and Eun Ki Kim, "Concentration of High Molecular Weight Solute by Swelling of Hydrogel", 제 3회 한.일 분리기술 Symposium, 459-462(1993).
4 Soon-Suk Park and Yoon-Mo Koo, “Controlled Lysis of the Escherichia coli Double Lysogen Bacteriophages Carrying λHL1 and φ434 to Release Intracellular Protein" (poster), 6th European Congress on Biotechnology, Firenze, Italy, June 13-17, 1993, WE024.
3 Yoon-Mo Koo and Juan Hong, ”Scaling Rules of Nonlinear, Coupled Elution Chromatography", Biochemical Engineering for 2001 (APBioChEC'92), 497-500, Japan, Yokohama, 1992.4.14.
2 Yoon-Mo Koo, "Simultaneous Separation and Concentration by Cyclic Size Exclusion Chromatography", APBioChEC'90, 371-374, Seoul, 1990.4.24.
1 Yoon-Mo Koo, Phillip C. Wankat, "Modeling of Size Exclusion Cyclic Separation", AIChE Autumn Meeting, Miami Beach, Florida, 1986.
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