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SCI급 논문 기타학술지 내용
The Effect of Residue Ionic Liquid for Cellulose Based Electro-active Paper Actuator
학술지 Soft Materials, 8(3), 254-262 (2010)
저자명 Suresha K. Mahadeva, Kwang-Sun Kang, Jadhwan Kim, Sung Ho Ha and Yoon-Mo Koo
The cellulose was directly dissolved in 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride at 80°C. The clear and transparent cellulose solution was cast on the glass substrate using tape-casting method. The cast films were soaked into various solvents such as methanol, methanol-deionized water, deionized water, and isopropyl alcohol-deionized water. UV-visible transmittances were approximately 74% to 50% depending on the curing solvents. High thermal stability was observed for the cellulose film regenerated with high ratio of water content. Using these cellulose films, EAPap actuators were fabricated by coating gold-electrodes on both sides. The resonance frequency shifted to lower frequency as the amount of residual ionic liquids increased. The resonance frequency shift to lower frequency might be due to the hygroscopic nature of the ionic liquids.
이전글 Microwave-assisted pretreatment of cellulose in ionic liquid for accelerated enzymatic hydrolysis
다음글 Property control of enzyme coatings on polymer nanofibers by varying the conjugation site concentration