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Bi-level optimizing control of a simulated moving bed process with nonlinear adsorption isotherms
학술지 J. Chromatography A, 1218, 6843-6847(2011)
저자명 Kiwoong Kim, Jin-Il Kim, Hyukmin Park, Yoon-Mo Koo, Kwang Soon Lee
A bi-level optimizing control scheme originally proposed for a simulated moving bed (SMB) with linear
isotherms has been extended to an SMB with nonlinear isotherms. Cyclic steady state optimization is performed
in the upper level to determine the optimum switching period and time-varying feed/desorbent
flow rates, and repetitive model predictive control is run in the lower level for purity regulation, taking the
decision variables from the upper level as feed-forward information. Experimental as well as numerical
study for an SMB process separating a high-concentration mixture of aqueous l-ribose and l-arabinose
solutions showed that the proposed scheme performs satisfactorily against various disturbances. In contrast,
an alternative scheme based on an SMB model with linear isotherms showed a limitation in the
control performance; this scheme was apt to fail in purity regulation.
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