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Ionic liquids as novel solvent for the synthesis of sugar fatty acid ester
학술지 Biotechnology Journal (2014.09) DOI.10.10012/biot.201400099
저자명 Ngoc Lan Mai, Kihun Ahn, Sang Woo Bae, Dong Woo Shin, Vivek Kumar Morya and Yoon-Mo Koo
Sugar fatty acid esters are bio-surfactants known for their non-toxic, non-ionic, and high biodegradability
. With great emulsifying and conditioning effects, sugar fatty acids are widely used in the
food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. Biosynthesis of sugar fatty acid esters has attracted
growing attention in recent decades. In this study, the enzymatic synthesis of sugar fatty acid
esters in ionic liquids was developed, optimized, and scaled up. Reaction parameters affecting the
conversion yield of lipase-catalyzed synthesis of glucose laurate from glucose and vinyl laurate
(i.e. temperature, vinyl laurate/glucose molar ratio, and enzyme loads) were optimized by
response surface methodology (RSM). In addition, production was scaled up to 2.5 L, and recycling
of enzyme and ionic liquids was investigated. The results showed that under optimal reaction
conditions (66.86oC, vinyl laurate/glucose molar ratio of 7.63, enzyme load of 73.33 g/L), an
experimental conversion yield of 96.4% was obtained which is close to the optimal value predicted
by RSM (97.16%). A similar conversion yield was maintained when the reaction was carried out
at 2.5 L. Moreover, the enzymes and ionic liquids could be recycled and reused effectively for up
to 10 cycles. The results indicate the feasibility of ionic liquids as novel solvents for the biosynthesis
of sugar fatty acid esters.
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